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A Practical Guide to Care and Cultivation

Keep the Mystique, Lose the Mystery


Batavia, IL – August 1, 2007 – Orchids have long been coveted for their elegant and exotic beauty. Decorate your house with these gorgeous plants as Mike Tibbs dispels the mysteries of growing and caring for these exquisite plants.


OrchidsWith more than 25,000 species, orchids are quite possibly the largest and certainly most diverse plant family on earth. Visually, orchids offer an exquisite variety of forms and colors with hybridization expanding the number of species and producing spectacular new combinations of color and form.


Orchids offers beginner growers commonsense advice on getting started with orchids, understanding the basics of orchid biology, caring for orchids in a variety of settings, and mastering techniques for repotting, dividing and growing from seed. Mike Tibbs details the major orchid families and characteristics by climate conditions, making it easy for you to choose the orchids that will thrive in your area. Finally, Tibbs covers pest and diseases along with everything needed to enter your orchids in competition. Enter the fascinating world of orchids with Mike Tibbs.



Mike Tibbs is a distinguished orchid grower and breeder. He has authored two important books on orchids; Orchids and Orchids: An Illustrated Identifier and Guide to Cultivation, and is co-author of Growing Classic Orchids and A Very Victorian Passion: the Orchid Scrapbooks of John Day. He lectures widely and judges orchid shows in South Africa, Japan, the UK and the USA. He is president of the South African Orchid Council and president of the Cape Orchid Society.



Book Details:

Title: Orchids: A Practical Guide to Care and Cultivation

Author: Mike Tibbs

Publisher: Ball Publishing, Distributed by Independent Publishers Group

Publication: September 2007, $29.95 (CAN $37.95), Hardcover, ISBN:  978-1-883052-59-1

Gardening, 160 pages, 8 ½ x 11, color photographs

Available at bookstores everywhere and through Ball Publishing, 335 N. River St., Batavia, IL 60510. Toll-free number for orders only 1-888-888-0013. Visit us online at


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