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Plant Protection
Managing Greenhouse Insect and Mite Pests

Healthy Plants Equal Healthy Profits!



Batavia, IL – July 12, 2007– Ensure that your crops have that gotta-have-me look, keeping them free of insect and mite pests with Dr. Raymond Cloyd’s new book Plant Protection.


Plant ProtectionThis easy-to-read guide will help keep your crops healthy and profitable. Cloyd, an Extension Specialist in Ornamental Entomology/Integrated Pest Management at Kansas State University, discusses the common insect and mite pests of ornamental crops and how to treat their infestations. Cloyd explains insecticide and chemical classes and modes of operation, proper tank mixing procedures, application coverage and timing, and pesticide storage. He also talks about phytotoxicity and the effects of pH on chemical effectiveness. A final chapter on pest identification describes common insets and mite pests, their feeding patterns and damage to crops, and control methods. Keep your plants healthy and profits up!


Raymond Cloyd is associate professor, extension specialist in ornamental entomology/integrated pest management at Kansas State University. He is a frequent speaker at state, national, and international conferences and seminars. Among his writing credits are IPM for Gardeners and Pests & Diseases of Herbaceous Perennials: The Biological Approach, Second Edition.




Book Details:

Title: Plant Protection, Managing Greenhouse Insect and Mite Pests

Author: Raymond A. Cloyd

Publisher: Ball Publishing, Distributed by Independent Publishers Group

Publication: July 2007, $30.00 (CAN $38.00), Softcover, ISBN:  978-1-883052-60-7

Gardening, 96 pages, 6 ¾ x 9, color photographs

Available at bookstores everywhere and through Ball Publishing, 335 N. River St., Batavia, IL 60510. Toll-free number for orders only 1-888-888-0013. Visit us online at


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