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Palms and Cycads
A Complete Guide to Selecting, Growing and Propagating

Palm expert provides handy tips


Batavia, IL – March 16, 2007– Nothing represents the image of the tropics better than a palm tree. Gardeners wanting to bring the tropics to their homes will find inspirational photographs and all the information they need to select the best palms and cycads for their property.

 Palms and Cycads

Palms and Cycads provides comprehensive information on care and cultivation, as well as sound advice on determining perfect plant locations to take your tropical dreams home with you, be it in your garden (for those lucky enough to avoid the frigid winters) or in your home or conservatory. This reference profiles 99 palm and 17 cycad species to help plant lovers find the perfect plant for their space. The A–Z guide features color photographs details climates and soil types for each plant. An additional special section provides help with matching palm species to indoor and outdoor settings and features further brief entries on 85 palm and 18 cycad species. Palms and Cycads is a fantastic sourcebook for gardeners and landscapers all over the world.



David Squire trained as a horticulturist at the Hertfordshire College of Agriculture in St Albans, England, and at the Royal Horticulture Society, where he was awarded the Wisley Diploma in Horticulture. He has worked for many years as a gardening writer and editor, has contributed to numerous magazine and gardening partworks and is the author (or co-author) of more than 70 gardening and plant related books. These include The Garden, The Small Garden, The Healing Garden, The Scented Garden—which won the Quill and Trowel Award of the Garden Writers of America—and several volumes in New Holland’s “Specialist” gardening series. His most recent book is Successful Bonsai. He lives in West Sussex, England.



Book Details:

Title: Palms and Cycads, A Complete Guide to Selecting, Growing and Propagating

Author: David Squires

Publisher: Ball Publishing, Distributed by Independent Publishers Group

Publication: April 2007, $29.95 (CAN $37.95), Hardcover, ISBN:  978-1-883052-56-0

Gardening, 160 pages, 8 ½ x 11, color photographs

Available at bookstores everywhere and through Ball Publishing, 335 N. River St., Batavia, IL 60510. Toll-free number for orders only 1-888-888-0013. Visit us online at

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