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Absolutely Beautiful Containers
The ABCs of Creative Container Gardens

Creating jaw-dropping, back-the-car-up-and-stare container gardens


Batavia, IL – March 21, 2007 – Container gardens are the hottest trend in outdoor decorating. Sue Amatangelo takes the guesswork out of creating absolutely beautiful containers.


Absolutely Beautiful ContainersAbsolutely Beautiful Containers give you just that! Focusing on a progression of 200 container gardens—from simple one-item pots all the way to large containers featuring a wide variety of plants—Sue features container recipes that appeal to the novice and master gardener alike. Not content to focus solely on traditional bedding plants, the recipes incorporate new vegetative annuals, perennials, tropical plants, and even some evergreens. Leaving the boring behind, Absolutely Beautiful Containers details elements of design such as color, texture, height, depth and plant needs for light and nutrients as well as ideas for holidays and festive occasions; and early spring and fall decorating. Each container design includes a plant list, planting diagram and color photograph of the container in its glory.


Be the envy of your neighbors with Absoutely Beautiful Containers.



Sue Amatangelo is National Retail Accounts Manager at Ball Horticultural Company. As part of that role she demonstrates at garden centers how to create and care for container gardens and stretches traditional container garden thinking to offer unique new container ideas for her clients in addition to the time honored foolproof recipes. Ms. Amatangelo is a Master Gardener and winner of the Illinois Outstanding Master Gardener Award. She is also the Horticulture Superintendent of the Kane County, Illinois, Fair; Plan Commissioner for St. Charles; and is a board member for Garden Centers of America. Sue and her family live in St. Charles, Illinois.



Book Details:

Title: Absolutely Beautiful Containers, The ABCs of Creative Container Gardens

Author: Sue Amatangelo

Publisher: Ball Publishing, Distributed by Independent Publishers Group

Publication: May 2007, $24.95 (CAN $33.95), Hardcover, ISBN:  978-1-883052-46-1

Gardening, 284 pages, 10 x 8, color photographs

Available at bookstores everywhere and through Ball Publishing, 335 N. River St., Batavia, IL 60510. Toll-free number for orders only 1-888-888-0013. Visit us online at


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