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Tropical Foliage Plants
A Grower’s Guide, Second Edition

Lynn Griffith’s updated book offers expert advice for growing and maintaining tropical foliage plants!
Batavia, IL – February 27, 2007 – One of the hottest trends in horticulture is using tropicals inside and out, even as annual plants in locations where they will not survive a cold winter. Growers can make a profitable niche for themselves by providing high-quality tropical foliage plants to their customers.
Tropical Foliage PlantsThe first edition, published in 1998, quickly became the primary reference for tropical foliage plant production. Now this updated, second edition of Tropical Foliage Plants: A Grower’s Guide (Ball Publishing, April 2007) gives commercial growers the latest cultural information, insider tips and tricks for successfully growing the most popular foliage crops—and some unusual plants that can set a grower apart from his competition. Interiorscapers will find much useful information for maintaining indoor collections and for controlling pest and disease problems.
Tropical Foliage Plants details over 100 genera of foliage plants, explaining their habitat, uses, varieties, propagation, culture, nutrition, diseases, insect and mite pests, disorders, interior care, tricks and most common problems. In addition to exclusive cultural information, Tropical Foliage Plants features over 150 color photos showing plants’ habitat and/or disorders.
Tropical Foliage Plants provides everything growers, horticulturalist, educators and propagators of any size with all of the information they need to successfully grow the best tropical foliage plants possible.
Lynn P. Griffith, Jr. is President of A&L Southern Agricultural Laboratories, Inc., an agricultural testing and consulting firm located in Pompano Beach, Florida. He and his coworkers provide laboratory testing and consultation for thousands of clients throughout Florida, the Caribbean, and Latin America. He also provides horticultural consulting services to clients in fourteen countries and conducts contract research for a number of fertilizer, chemical, and potting soil companies. Griffith is also the author of e a primary reference for the trade. Tropical Foliage Disorders came out in 2002 and is an essential tool for growers, interiorscapers, and retailers for detecting and treating many problems found in diverse genera of foliage plants. 2007 brings the second edition of Tropical Foliage Plants: A Grower’s Guide, providing the latest information available on a more than 100 genera of commercially important foliage plants.             
Book Details:
Title: Tropical Foliage Plants, A Grower’s Guide, Second Edition
Author: Lynn P. Griffith Jr.
Publisher: Ball Publishing, Distributed by Independent Publishers Group
Publication: April 2007, $69.95 (CAN $87.95), Cloth, ISBN: 978-1-883052-51-5
Horticulture, 376 pages, 7 x 10, color photographs
Available at bookstores everywhere and through Ball Publishing, 335 N. River St., Batavia, IL 60510. Toll-free number for orders only 1-888-888-0013. Visit us online at
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