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Roses Revealed
Take the Mystery Out of Growing the Perfect Rose Garden!

Batavia, IL – January 8, 2007 – So many gardeners covet the idyllic rose garden but find the task of choosing and growing their own roses very daunting. Dermot O’Neill takes the mystery out of selecting, designing and growing your rose garden in Roses Revealed.


Roses Revealed features Dermot’s top 200 roses, selected from the Roses Revealed by Dermot O''Neillthousands available for their combination of exceptional qualities such as exquisite scent, long flowering period, and good disease resistance. The first part of Roses Revealed showcases the best roses for particular purposes in the garden, such as a groundcover, climber or for a small garden. Dermot also gives a person account of each rose, his passion and enthusiasm bringing it to life. The directory in the second part of the book contains all the essential information on your chosen rose, including flowering period, height and spread, and shade tolerance. The third part covers rose care, where Dermot’s sound advice and easy-to-follow instructions reveal everything you need to know about looking after your roses. Roses Revealed encapsulates all the romance of this universally popular plant and makes choosing and growing roses a joy!


Dermot O’Neill is one of Ireland’s best-loved garden personalities and a regular contributor to Irish national television and radio. Dermot has served on the council of the Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland and was a founder committee member of the Irish Garden Plant Society. He is the author of Dermot Gardens and Discover Gardening. He currently writes a weekly column for the Sunday Independent and is editor for Garden Heaven magazine.

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