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Wonders of The Winter Landscape

Shrubs and Trees to Brighten the Cold-Weather Gardens
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Price: $24.95
Hardcover: 144 pages
Publisher: Ball Publishing ©2005
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1883052454
Dimensions: 8 x 8 x .6 inches
Weight: 1.19 pounds
The author of Great Flowering Landscape Shrubs now presents his recommendations for the best shrubs and trees for the winter garden. While many gardeners retreat indoors during the drab months of winter, Vincent encourages gardeners to think about the beauty that well-chosen trees and shrubs can bring a landscape. Showy flowers, berries, winter foliage, bark color and texture, and growth habits all contribute to make these stunning ornamentals the stars of the winter garden. Deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees are described in detail, with recommended cultivars highlighted. Beautiful color photographs throughout.

Editorial Review

Booklist - A garden in winter is a sight to behold. Twisting branches once laden with leaves are now revealed in all their architectural splendor. Exfoliating bark with varied hues peels away from tree trunks like the unfurled petals of spring flowers. Fo thos who view gardening as a fair-weather activity, Simeone eloquently extols the virtuses of the garden in the fourth season of the year. Some plants are meant to shine gloriously only under the summer sun; knowing which ones like to strut their stuff when the snow flies is the trick to creating a garden of chilly delight. Aided by vibrant color photography, Simeone displays a winter wonderland of trees and shrubs, describing their seasonal attributes, discussing their landscape uses, and determining their cultural characteristics. Helpful appendixes include tips on evergreen maintenance, lists of deer-resistant platns, and the merits of greenhouse gardening. A lush and learned resource for those wanting to maximize the majesty and magic of their gardening experience.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - This small, bright book gives garden inspiration for an often overlooked season in the garden.

Star-Ledger - You'll find lots of inspiration.

Washington Gardener - A very nice little book.

About the Author

Vincent Simeone is the director of Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park in Oyster Bay, New York. Simeone has specialized expertise in woody plant identification, plant culture, landscape use and selection of superior varieties. He continues to promote innovative trends in gardening such as proper plant selection, four-season gardening, integrated pest management, historic landscape preservation, and low-maintenance gardening. Simoene is a lecturer, teacher and horticultural consultant. Vincent Simeone resides in Oyster Bay, New York.
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