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Grass Scapes

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Price: $29.95
Softcover: 192 pages
Publisher: Ball Publishing ©2003
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1883052379
Dimensions: 7.3 x 9.2 x .5 inches
Weight: 1.19 pounds
Ornamental grass breeder and grower Quinn shares his in-depth knowledge of grasses in this beautiful book. Quinn discusses the physical properties of grasses—their forms, and growth habits,—before talking about how to work with color throughout the seasons and designing with the different types. The Grasses at a Glance section features over 100 grasses, highlighting their size, habit, color, and uses. Color photos and illustrations.

Editorial Review

Niagara Parks Botanical Garden - This book demystifies grass terminology, expresses a plethora of colours in the ornamental grass palette, and provides practical and innovative ideas for incorporating these wonderful plants in the landscape.

About the Author

Martin grew up working in his parent’s greenhouse and graduated from a course in horticulture at Ottawa’s Algonquin College in 1970. He first became interested in ornamental grasses on a trip to Germany, England and Holland, where he discovered how Europe’s horticulturists worked with hardy ornamental grasses. Realizing the growing conditions were similar to those in Canada, he began experimenting and testing grasses. He now grows over 120 varieties and has introduced several new cultivars. Known locally as “the Grass Man”, Martin is an enthusiastic teacher and lecturer. He and his wife, Catherine Macleod own and operate a nursery specializing in ornamental grasses and perennials in Kincardine, Ontario.

Born in Scotland, Catherine is a writer, artist, and producer. She has published poetry, essays, articles and several books. Her most recent books are The Telling Time, a collection of poetry, and Waking Up in the Men’s Room: A Memoir. She has worked with a number of organizations as a communications specialist, including the National Film Board and the Ontario Federation of Labour, from whom she received the 1997 Culture & the Arts Award. She is a former board member of the Ontario Arts Council. She and her husband, Martin Quinn own and operate a nursery specializing in ornamental grasses and perennials in Kincardine, Ontario.
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